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This week continues with my commentary on a Letter to the Editor that was in the Birmingham News a few weeks ago regarding the HHS Contraception Mandate. The letter can be found in its entirety at: http://blog.al.com/birmingham-news-commentary/2012/02/our_views_disagreeing_with_bis.html Letter: “Many Catholics do not agree that ‘Catholics consider to be immoral’ the birth-control measures provided by federal health care programs, as claimed in the Feb. 3 letter of the bishops of Mobile and Birmingham that was read from the pulpits of most Catholic churches. We are offended by the letter's suggestion that our disagreement with the bishops means we are not "faithful members" of the Catholic Church. We were not consulted by the bishops nor asked for our views on the matter. So, the bishops' cry that the "religious liberty" of the Catholic Church is being challenged raises the question: Whose religious freedom is being threatened? The freedom to choose birth control, a part of the prematernal health care of 98 percent of women in the U.S., is not in any way coercive. In fact, denying a woman access to a fundamental health care service available everywhere is coercive.” (Part 2)

Response: In last week’s column, the assertion of the letter writers that Vatican II gave individuals an equal standing as the Bishops, in terms of being able to speak to the government on behalf of …


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Here are the commercials airing on the local CBS affiliate in Birmingham.

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